Sweden’s biggest legal case regarding digital currencies

What would you do if you were ordered to pay over 400% in taxes?

In autumn 2013, IT-interested Linus Dunkers first becomes active in the new digital currency called bitcoin. He buys and sells the digital currency, produces it and travels far and wide to give lectures about this new phenomenon. After just a few years, Linus has made a name for himself within the industry. Reams are written about bitcoin in media, and Linus gives interviews in the local newspaper as well as in national radio and one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers. Everything seems to be going smoothly until the day a few strangers ring the doorbell. Nothing will ever be the same again.

THEY CALL HIM THE BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE is the story about a curious, brave and determined man. We get to follow him as the first computer comes into his home, to the voluntary work in Tanzania, the prevention of hundreds of frauds, the eviction from his bank, media’s stories and, above all: The war against the Tax Agency.

The book is written by Linus’ wife Jessica Dunkers who gets to witness the authorities’ power games and the failings of the legal system firsthand.
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Feedback from readers!

Read the book tonight! I could not let it go. When's the sequel coming?
I think you should be proud of the book, very well written, Jessica has done a great job!
I read about the book. Good thing Jessica Dunkers wrote it. It could be a story from Kafka. Nasty scary. Good luck! Blessings.
Damn good book! Really hope it turns out right. All's Well.
Jessica, what an amazing writer you are !!! Clever, informative and easy-to-read text ... Great.
Now I have read the book. Even though I am pretty initiated, I can not avoid being holy fucking pissed and upset on your behalf!
I didn't know Jessica that you are such a talented and esteemed author! But "of which the heart is full the mouth speaks" was said in the past. And that saying is certainly also true in today's situation.
Finally! I've really been longing for this book (and it was signed) - will try to avoid from reading it now all at once. Books are not to be borrowed - they are to be bought here! Sponsor your local business!
Now I've read the whole incredible Kafka-like awful awful reading and it could be a good well-written debut detective story if it were not for the fact that it is yours and Linus' reality. Wish it would be a different ending and earlier than 2021. Absolutely disgusting!
Read the book at a stretch last night. Smiling, laughing recognitioning, gets angry, sad and is filled with warmth over you both. So fantastically well written Jessica 👍 If justice does not win, we'll sit down at the Swedish Tax Agency and refuse to leave 😊
Now I have read the whole book and I just want to say that I didn't know how you have had it and to some extent have! I don't know what to say more than that I keep my fingers crossed for you and that I am here if you need to talk! Feeling mentally exhausted after reading ... Thank you for sharing everything! Hugs
Have read your book now, and can only say wow Jessica & Linus, what you put up with? And now with the whole story told, it makes me so incredibly sad when I know that you had to put the company into bankruptcy a while ago ... Keep my fingers crossed that you will be rehabilitated, will do my best to spread your words. All love to you. Many thanks for your nice book, Jessica, looking forward to the sequel.
I also sat from 9 to 1 last night and read at a stretch. Fantastically written Jessica! I just wanted to keep reading and reading! And Linus ... It's very impressive how you manage to continue despite all the adversity! Strong and admirable! Imagine that an authority can deliberately break the law and get away with it! In Sweden of all places! 😳If a citizen did/is guilty of what the Tax Agency has demonstrably done/is doing, it would be imprisonment ..
Jessica! I borrowed your book and could not stop reading once I started. You are a complete and mature writer who masters several different genres as well. First, a touching and captivating story of sacrificial love. Then a nicely illustrative personal drawing. And finally, a fact-packed reportage with technical and legal content, a party submission of course, but so well substantiated that it can hardly be ignored or silenced.
I hope the book has sold as well as I myself had hoped. It is really well written and you can't stop reading once you have started. I don't understand why the state wants to ruin people's lives, in the short term it does no good, and in the long term it does no good. Could this be the state's way of striking back on crypto? To scare people into using crypto, because they see what's happening to Linus? Linus, one of the country's foremost proponents of crypto ... He should be praised rather than punished. Linus, a man who, in fact, despite all the shit that happened, still had the zest for life in his eyes when I met him. You probably can't find a stronger person. Can not say anything but good luck and is it possible to an advance purchase the part 2?​
Hi Linus. Just read the book. What a journey you have been through. Damn. You are smart, strong, logical and do not give up. Damn awesome you are. I really hope that you have the strength to build everything up again and that you get to taste the sweetness of victory one day. You're so worth it. Take care of yourself and go for it. Hug Jessica for an incredibly well-written book, which is set up in a stretch-reading way with a touch of excitement, emotion and which makes one really understand the situation. Wonderfully. Hug Linus. Go for it!
Just wanted to write a few lines after reading the book. One get completely horrified when reading about what you need to go through! I sincerely hope that it will eventually work out in your favor. I think the book is very well written and complicated things have been explained in a simple way even for us who are not so familiar with the bitcoin world. Take care!
Today I read the Bitcoin millionaire at a stretch. The book was very well written. I especially appreciate that you, Jessica, take the time to describe, for example, government concepts such as payment security and the tasks of the Court of Appeal. I am deeply appalled by what you have shared in the book and feel great sorrow. I am also impressed and full of hope, because you are so strong together in your fight against Goliath. I sincerely hope that you finds strength to fight on.
Very well written by Jessica Dunkers who makes her author debut here (can hardly be the last) Thank you for a good read!
Bought in and read the book a while ago. Hats off to a well-written statement that creates frustration for both of you! My hope is that you both may soon succeed in solving your problems in a smooth way and that the tax authorities take reason in an "incorrect" case without civil servant liability.
I just want to write and thank you for your book. It is incredibly important, not only for all of us crypto-interested, but also from a societal perspective. When I read the chapter on how the Tax Agency deleted its email correspondence, I jaw dropped. I was aware that Sweden was corrupt to some extent, but I could never have imagined that it was this bad. I wish you good luck, and I hope you come out of this with raised heads, debt free and with a public apology from the Tax Agency. Stand on is!
Hi Linus. I don't know how many people write to you daily and tell you how sad they are for you, but now you have to add another, I listened to the book on storytel a couple of days ago and just think it is completely wrong, the tax agency MUST know they are doing wrong but don't want to take it back and admit it. I am very new to the crypto currency world but the kryptokrona caught my eye and there I heard about you. Not only do I admire you for standing up for your cause but also for what you did while growing up, I wish I was the IT support guy at my secondary school and the one who erased half of the OS on my mother's computer. Fight on. Btw tell Jessica that the book was really well written and recorded! I want a sequel when more about the dispute is resolved.
Like this .. I bought a Storytel reader for my old mother. She has a poor eyesight so it became a model that prioritizes audiobooks. I downloaded some stories, eg "In his eyes" by Malou etc…. And of course "..Bitcoinmiljonären" as an audiobook. Just want to say that you read so well. How many text readers have I not recorded during my time on the radio, that almost everyone wants to be the one they read about. Paid actors who can not stand to become the main character. I mean that precisely when it comes to readings of text, often dramatic events, which are also written by other people, it often happens (a little too often ..) that the readers overplay, become over-dramatic. In any case, it seems difficult to keep that balance between reading and acting. This is where you get it. Even though it is actually both your text and your own experiences. Good there Jessica!
Can't stop reading...